The Game Room


Today I released a new page that will show you how to use many of the softwares that I use make my products. Most of the tutorials will have a tutorial written in Microsoft Word, and then a visual referance of what the tutorial will show you. The are all downloadable files, and free! I will add as many tutorials as can. If there is anything on my website that you would like me to make a tutorial about please feel free to contact me by going to the contact page.  


I am currently working on a new games, it is a batch file game (for those you that don't know a batch file is a program that open up in command prompt format). The game is text-based, and it is a rpg/adventure game. The game is scheduled to be released around christmas time. So until then, enjoy The Game Room!


If anyone who visits my site could please leave me feedback about it I would appreciate it very much.



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